How to Choose the Right Data Recovery Company

Choosing the right data services company to work with can often be the furthest thing from your mind if you have suffered a data loss or a raid failure, and yet choosing a company that offers a full range of data recovery solutions is probably one of the most important aspects of any decision making criteria.

More than a handful of data recovery companies offer services that are at best most suitable to minor data loss disasters and while they do offer a fair service for low end requirements, often their quality processes leave a lot to be desired, and low level methodologies have been known to render drives irrecoverable where they should have been recoverable before.

Equally clients have been advised that there is no chance of retrieving data, when in fact with more thorough specialist techniques we have been able to recovery data that otherwise would have been lost more often than should be considered acceptable.

Data is extremely valuable and data loss can cripple a company or cause financial hardship so we believe that any recovery task or raid data recovery job should only be given to a top tier provider that has all the neccessary in-house tools and facilities to maximise the chances of successful or at the very least partial data retrieval wherever possible.

We strongly believe we are leading UK data recovery specialist which is due to our continued investment in clean room and lab facilities, staff and research and development, investment in spares stock as well as capacity.

In fact we go as far as to challenge any other UK based recovery company to improve on, or even be able to match the certifications and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safety precautions in place in our laboratory.

All this ensures your job is not backlogged and your business is not left with days of downtime wondering when and if you will get your data back. In addition you are giving yourself we believe the absolute best possible chance of successful data restoration.

If you choose not to use our services thank you for visiting and here is a handy guide to ensure you know the right questions to ask any other potential service provider.


Choosing A Data Recovery Company


Do They have Dedicated Staff?

The company that gets your vote should have dedicated recovery technicians that are professionally trained for the required task.

Data recovery being as important as it is should certainly not be something they do as a background activity, so don’t be afraid to ask some very pointed questions to make sure your getting the service you think you are an will most definitely need.


What Are Their Range Of Services?

A true data recovery lab will be able to successfully recover data from servers and raids arrays, laptop’s, desktop’s, apple mackintosh notebooks and desktops, Cd’s/Dvd’s and all other types of storage media, not simply just from a failed hard drive.


Who Provides The Services?

Do they provide these services themselves or is the job outsourced? Outsourcing is most common if initial attempts at recovery fail. In other words are they a full data services provider or just first call.


Do They Have A Research and Development Program?

They should be up to date with the latest hard drive technology and raid recovery techniques and if top tier will also conduct their own research and development.

Most professional data recovery will have proper labs facilities not just a back office with a bench. The recovery lab is often the heart and soul of the operation.


What Standard Is Their Clean Room (Do They Have One)?

In the event of your drive needing to be stripped down you need to know who is actually handling your data and is it secure? Having to send your drive to another country for assessment should not be a requirement in this day and age.

Is their clean room the latest certified ISO class 3 environment or the older (now outdated class 100) variety? Ask for a copy of their certification.

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