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Lost Data? Don’t Panic! We Can Help.

When you are having troubles with your computer and you risk losing important data that you need to have recovered, you’ll probably need the help of our Data Recovery services.

Unlike many businesses we don’t charge a basic fee to start off with and prefer a NO Fee free diagnostic for recoveries that have not been previously attempted or where the drives factory seals have not been broken.

The actual cost of recovery will depend on the severity of the problem and amount of work that it would take in order to recover your information. Also how urgently you need your data back will also affect costs.

Every case varies but pricing is very affordable, raid data recovery pricing is subject to the intitial consultation.

Call now for immediate free advice on

0800 999 3282

and speak directly to a data recovery specialist.


Incorrect initial action can further damage your hard disk or drastically reduce the chances of a successful recovery. Don’t risk your valuable data and seek expert advice from a data recovery services provider at the first possible opportunity.

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Data loss can be both frustrating and devastating. It can instantly take a small or medium size enterprise from ‘Open for Business’ to literally ‘Out of Business’ and has done on many occassions. For personal computer users whilst data loss can be less critical it can still wipe away weeks, months and even years of work, and unless backed up the data could be gone forever.

Besides the situation of a complete computer crash, it is also possible to accidentally delete important files and folders without neccessarily having a problem with your system, but if folders seem to disappear of their own violition then this may indicate that a hard drive crash could be on the way.

Whether you own your own business or work for someone or you just use your computer for keeping vital personal information, you’ll find that data protection is one of the smartest and safest approaches you can take to ensure the profitability and livelihood of your business. When dealing with data loss it is vital you remain calm and assess whether you are dealing with a hard drive or other issue.

Fortunately no matter how dire the situation you can usually follow some easy steps to ensure maximum chances of recovery in the event of a computer crash or other disaster.

Anytime you hear strange noises from your computer, such as a clunking noise when you power up your computer, immediately turn your computer off.

Back up on a regular basis.

If you have to leave your home for a long period of time, say, going on vacation, always make backups of critical data, verify that all electronics are plugged into UPS (as they should be) power down and unplug from A.C. if possible. (Including telephone and modem lines.).

Ensure you back up on a regular basis.

You never can foretell a sudden power surge, electrical storm, fire or anything similar that could destroy your computer data. We never really expect things like this, but you wont be forewarned, especially when you are not at home to handle the emergency.

And don’t forget to back up!

Don’t attempt any form of data recovery on your own unless you are a specialist. Messing with the hard drive or other parameters of your computer can exacerbate any data losses you may have already experienced.

Never assume the worst. In most cases data is recoverable even under the worst conditions including flood and fire damage.

Finally, whatever happens with your computer and vital data, never give room for fear or panic. Think optimistically and get your drive to a recovery specialist as soon as possible, chances are your data will be salvageable and it will probably cost a lot less than you think.

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