Raid Data Recovery

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  • Raid Data Recovery
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  • NTFS SCSI & Linux Raid Recovery
  • Raid 0 Raid 1 & Raid 5 Raid 6 Recovery
  • SQL and Microsoft Exchange Database Recovery
  • Raid Array Retrieval

Raid data recovery is often mission critical because once a server goes down even if there is a good back up system or a disaster recovery protocol in place, huge amounts of data can still be lost since the last scheduled back.

The more employees a business has then generally the more urgent the data recovery or raid data recovery scenario becomes.

Call now for immediate free advice on

0800 999 3282

and speak directly to a data recovery specialist.


Incorrect attempts at server recovery or raid re-builds can in themselves cause even further loss of data and business down time, and in extreme situations can render data totally unrecoverable Don’t take any risks and speak to one of our raid data recovery specialists at the first opportunity.

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Mission Critical Disaster Recovery

Where there is no back up in place recovery of mission critical data in a timely manner is of the up most importance, in the most severe of situations loss of data can ultimately lead to closure of a business, especially if legislation requires data availability for extended periods of time (often 5 years or more).

Emergency Response

Our response team is on constant standby to be available for the provision of emergency data recovery solution for business critical systems and databases, and coupled with access to our UK leading state of the art clean room and lab facilities, even in the eventuality of drive strip down we have the facilities to cope with extreme data emergencies,server rebuilds and raid data recovery.

Hard Drive Spares

Hard drive repair and rebuilds often require access to disk spares that are not readily available off the shelf. Our investment in and holding of stock hard drive spare parts means that we are in an excellent position to ensure a very fast turnaround and repatriation of mission critical data and servers which is a pre-requisite to our business success.

Multiple Drive Failure

No server or RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) System is entirely resistant to some form of failure. Most RAID levels do provide excellent redundancy against single drive failure (for example RAID 5 arrays), or even two failed drives if deployed in a RAID 6 arrays but other disasters can and do happen for example:

  • Multiple hard disk failures on a RAID 5 arrays.
  • Accidentally initialised disk members and even entire arrays.
  • Boot failures following attempted raid rebuilds.
  • Accidental deletion od system files and folders.
  • Failed member of a RAID 0 array.
  • SQL and Microsoft Exchange database corruption.
  • 3 x failed hard disk drives on a RAID 6 system.
  • Re-initialised NAS file servers.


Raid Data Recovery Services

In addition to standard raid array configurations we also specialise in a wide variety of none standard raid arrays including nested and hybrid raid configurations including:

Standard Raid Configurations:

  • Raid 0 Data Recovery
  • Raid 1 Data Recovery
  • Raid 5 Data Recovery

Less Common Raid Configurations

  • Raid 2 Data Recovery
  • Raid 3 Data Recovery
  • Raid 4 Data Recovery
  • Raid 6 Data Recovery

Nested and Hybrid Raid Configurations

  • Raid 1+0
  • Raid 5+0
  • Raid 0+1
  • Raid 0+5

If you have an exotic raid configuration not mentioned above for example a Raid 7 or LDM raid array we may be able to help with this too although this may very well require examination of the implementation documentation before we can proceed.

To maximise your chances of a successful raid data recovery, database or server rebuild do not attempt self recovery and call our specialists for an intial consultation on 0800 999 3282 now.

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