Hard Drive Repair Area Coverage

Lost Data? Don’t Panic! We Can Help.

When your hard drive suddenly dies you potentially risk losing a lot of personal or business data that will need to be recovered as carefully as possible.

Our Hard Drive repair service is second to none and drive repairs are carried out in our UK industry leading ISO class 3 clean room facilities to totally minimise the chances of disk contamination from airborne particles and dust.

Platter contamination can lead to further degardation of recoverable data so should be avoided at all times. Initial diagnostic is free for and clients are then provided with an estimated cost of repair before any work is carried out

The actual cost of data recovery involving hard drive repair will vary dependent on the problem and the cost and/or availability of parts where required. Emergency hard drive repairs can also be arranged if required but this would be above our standard service time costs.

Call now for immediate free advice on

0800 999 3282

and speak directly to a data recovery specialist.


Incorrect initial action can further damage your hard disk or drastically reduce the chances of a successful recovery. Don’t risk your valuable data and seek expert advice from a data recovery services provider at the first possible opportunity.

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